ufc 5 release date

UFC 5 Release Date, News, Trailer, Rumors [2023]

Looking for UFC 5 Release Date? If yes then this article is for you. Gamers and UFC fans got to experience the bloodied ring for the first time in 2014 when EA Sports released the first iteration of UFC. With a gap of two years between each iteration, it has become somewhat of a ritual among players to wait two years to release a new UFC game for the popular MMA.

ufc 5 release date
ufc 5 release date

However, the latest game, UFC 4, was released in 2020, and we are still waiting to hear about anything related to UFC 5. With that being said, in this article, we will shine a light on concerns put forward by players regarding UFC 5 release date and other news relating to it.

About UFC Series

The EA Sports UFC series, developed in collaboration with EA Canada and EA Vancouver, and published by EA Sports, comprises a collection of Mix Martial Arts video games based on the UFC franchise.

The games offer players a thrilling experience with their near-realistic graphics and immersive combat mechanics, allowing them to simulate the intensity and excitement of the fighting cage. Additionally, players can also employ a variety of fighting moves, from grappling moves to the signature moves of iconic UFC fighters. 

These games feature a plethora of real-life fighters, like Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, and can square off against other players in various weight divisions. The EA UFC series also features a full-blown career mode, allowing players to make a name for themselves by becoming the Ultimate Fighting Champion.

About UFC Series
About UFC Series

UFC 5 Release Date

UFC 5 release date has yet to be officially announced. According to speculations from fans, UFC 5 was slated to release somewhere in 2022. However, we have not heard anything from EA Canada, EA Vancouver, or EA Sports, and it goes without saying that it’s high time we got some news relating to a new UFC game.

Last year, Tom Henderson, a renowned game journalist, also speculated the likelihood of a next-gen game releasing in the summer of 2023, but so far, nothing official has been released.

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Fans even had high hopes for the 2022 Game Awards for an announcement relating to UFC 5. But, unfortunately, those, too, were washed down the drain as there was no announcement about the new game.

That said, some of the beloved gaming events are at their peak in summer. So you’ve got the Summer GameFest, E3 2023, and Gamescom to look forward to, and hopefully, you might get to hear your long-awaited news on UFC 5 in these events.

UFC 5 Release Date
UFC 5 Release Date

UFC 5 for PlayStation

Considering the track record of past UFC games in this regard, every UFC game so far was released for a handful of platforms, including the Sony PlayStation Consoles. Therefore, if UFC 5 is ever announced, you can expect it to be released on the Sony PlayStation console.

Speaking of the PlayStation Console, if the game doesn’t come out too harsh on the PS4 hardware and releases early before the PS4 gets obsolete, you can also expect to play it on a PS4. In addition, the game should also receive next-generation upgrades for the PlayStation 5 since UFC 4 never had a next-generation update for the PlayStation 5. Thus, the likelihood of UFC 5 for PS5 would be hard to miss.

UFC 5 for PlayStation
UFC 5 for PlayStation

UFC 5 for Xbox

Similarly, the previous UFC games were available for the Xbox console. Therefore, UFC 5 should also come out for the Xbox console, despite the lack of announcements regarding the game.

In addition, although UFC 4 was only available for Xbox One, the Xbox Series family never had a next-generation upgrade extended to it. Thus, UFC 5 should be released for the Series X featuring the mechanics of a next-generation game.

Over the years, Microsoft also found success with the Xbox game pass as many beloved titles were introduced to its roster. And in the past, we have seen the subscription-based service featuring UFC games through EA Play. So, you might get to play UFC 5 on the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass after its release.

UFC 5 Platforms
UFC 5 Platforms

UFC 5 for PC

Only time will tell if Electronic Arts will extend support to the PC platform. Since we have never received a PC port for the EA Sports UFC series, it’s all up to publishers at EA Sports to decide the platforms for UFC 5.

UFC 5 Trailer

Trailers for video games do not roll out before development begins. Since development for UFC 5 has not yet been made official, you shouldn’t expect a UFC 5 trailer for now.

However, as previously mentioned, EA Vancouver and EA Canada developers might have kept information under wraps for the upcoming gaming event. Also, rolling out official trailers for the much-awaited MMA game at the upcoming gaming events do make some sense.

Trailers contribute a lot to video game marketing as it adds much curiosity, and gamers get to peek into various aspects of a game in development, like the gameplay mechanics and its narrative.

Once fans know that EA sports has begun development for the next game and made a trailer public, the hype will be over the roof.

UFC 5 Trailer
UFC 5 Trailer

UFC 5 Rumors

Rumors regarding the next entry in the UFC Franchise should always be taken with a grain of salt. After all, they are mere rumors and not facts.

Having said that, Tom Henderson gave away some quality info in a tweet, saying that the next title in the EA Sports UFC series was being developed. In fact, according to him, Electronic Arts even had to pause their progress on the beloved boxing simulator – a Fight Night reboot – to make room for the new UFC game.

If Tom’s claims are valid, developers at EA Canada should divert their attention to the next UFC game. The leadership team will have to focus on and refine it to the nth degree, given the disastrous UFC 4’s poor grappling mechanics, especially if they don’t want fans walking away.

Plus, improved commentary and a better career mode allowing for improved career immersion is something that players have desperately wanted since UFC 4.

However, even before Tom made his claims, Redditors had already dug out info from the EASportsUFC subreddit regarding a job listing posted by EA Sports. EA Sports UFC was looking for a franchise art director.

A similar job listing for a game design director was also found on LinkedIn. From these bits of information, we can safely assume they might be initiating the production for the next-gen UFC game.

Moreover, a multi-million dollar partnership between EA Sports Plus and UFC was signed in 2020 to continue adding games to the EA Sports UFC series for the next 10 years. Thus with the contract extension, we are already sure that a UFC game is set to kick off shortly. There is also enough room for at least two more additions to the franchise.

Apart from these conjectures, the much-awaited MMA game will undoubtedly feature a host of playable fighters. Also you will likely get to experience the fighting styles of highly revered fighters, like Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and Jon Jones, with crisp combat mechanics – if developers at Electronic Arts do that right.

UFC 5 Rumors
UFC 5 Rumors

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Will UFC 5 be on PC?
Answer: For now, developers have not yet addressed this concern of players. However, we have seen that many console-exclusive games like God Of War and Marvel’s Spiderman have received their PC port, and one for the much-awaited UFC 5 may almost be at hand.

FAQ 2: Is UFC 5 in the making?
Answer: We can draw from all this inference that UFC 5 is in the making but kept hidden by the developers. So you should buckle up; we might be hearing something new about it in the upcoming events.

FAQ 3: Is UFC 5 Cross Platform?
Answer: Unfortunately, the previous UFC entry was not cross-platform, even though this feature is seen in most video games nowadays. Therefore, anything related to UFC 5 cross-platform is left to speculation, and there’s no saying if it will happen unless developers come forward themselves.

So this is all the information related to UFC 5 and UFC 5 Release Date. Bookmark this article for any latest news regarding UCF 5 and keep visiting gamersmark.com for the latest updates on gaming.



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