Destiny 2 Briar’s Contempt God Roll, Perks, PvP, PvE in 2024

There are tons of weapons to choose from in Destiny 2 and there are some that excel in a specific game mode of the game. It can be a Submachine Gun, a Shotgun, or a Rocket Launcher. One of the weapons that we are going to showcase is Briar’s Contempt.

It is one of the new weapons introduced in Season 20 that can be obtained in the Root of Nightmare Raid. We are going to tell you all about this new Linear Fusion Rifle, from how to get it, down to how great the weapon is in the current meta.


About Destiny 2 Briar’s Contempt

The weapon is a Legendary Solar Linear Fusion Rifle that uses Heavy ammo which means it will be placed into the Power Slot. In addition, it is the first Solar Linear Fusion Rifle with an Aggressive Frame.

An Aggressive Frame makes the weapon fire a three-round burst at the cost of one ammo. On the other hand, a Linear Fusion Rifle excels in long-range combat and, combined with the Aggressive Frame, makes it a lethal weapon that can melt down bosses and easily kill enemies in PvP if you hit your headshots.

About Destiny 2 Briar's Contempt
About Destiny 2 Briar’s Contempt

Briar’s Contempt Requirements

There are no requirements for using the weapon. Instead, the place where you can get the item has one. You can get the weapon in the Root of Nightmares Raid which can only be accessed if you have the Lightfall expansion. In addition, you must have at least a light level of 1,800 to take on either the Legendary or Master difficulty of Root of Nightmares Raid.

Briar's Contempt Requirements
Briar’s Contempt Requirements

How to Get Destiny 2 Briar’s Contempt

Once you have possession of the Lightfall expansion and have a light level of 1,800, you can join others to take on the Root of Nightmares Raid. The weapon is the most difficult one to get out of all the Raid weapons.

There are four total encounters in the Raid. Still, you can only get the weapon in the first and final encounters. In addition, you can only get Raid loot once per week per character. But you can open the Raid’s last chest and use Spoils of Conquest to get your choice of weapon.

How to Get Destiny 2 Briar's Contempt
How to Get Destiny 2 Briar’s Contempt

Briar’s Contempt Perks

If you get Briar’s Contempt in a Raid, it will have random perks. There are various weapon perks that it can eventually get, like the new perk, Keep Away, or the old ones like Reconstruction. However, to get the most powerful version of the weapon, you must get a GOD roll or, if not, something close to it, which means your weapon must have at least a great combination of perks like Reconstruction and Focused Fury.

Briar's Contempt Perks
Briar’s Contempt Perks

Briar’s Contempt Drop Rate

You only have a low chance of getting the weapon as you can only get it from the first encounter and final encounter. For the first encounter, there are six raid loots to get: three weapons, including the weapon, and three armor pieces, including a chest, arms, and helmet.

Also, remember that you can only get one Raid loot per encounter per week. So if you want to get the weapon, you must have incredible luck and the patience to grind for it.

Briar's Contempt Drop Rate
Briar’s Contempt Drop Rate

Briar’s Contempt GOD Roll

As we’ve mentioned, you must get a GOD to roll to get the most powerful version of the weapon. A Briar’s Contempt GOD roll is where all of the random perks are the best combination of perks that the weapon can get. Sometimes you can only get 2 out of 4 or Marchbe even 3 out of 4, but if you do get all of them, congratulations, your weapon can now carry you either in PvP or PvE.

However, if you do get a GOD roll, this does not mean you can use it in both PvP or PvE, as there are specific perks that are great at PvE, for example, but are bad for PvP. To help you, we will show you the GOD roll of Brair’s Contempt for PvP and PvE.

Briar's Contempt GOD Roll
Briar’s Contempt GOD Roll

Briar’s Contempt PvP GOD Roll

Here is the PvP GOD roll for Briar’s Contempt.

Briar’s Contempt PvP GOD Roll
Barrel: Arrowhead Brake
Battery: Projection Fuse
Perk 1: Keep Away
Perk 2: High-Impact Reserves
Masterwork: Range

Briar’s Contempt is a long-range Linear Fusion Rifle, so you must have an Arrowhead Brake barrel to increase handling and control recoil. As for the battery, the Projection Fuse is excellent as it can increase the weapon’s range. For the third column, Keep Away is the best perk.

It increases your reload, range, and accuracy if no one is nearby and works well with Projection Fuse. Next is High-Impact Reserves to increase the damage of the last rounds of your magazine. Lastly, get Range for Masterwork to increase the weapon’s range even further. With this GOD roll, you can easily snipe down enemies from afar in The Crucible.

Briar's Contempt PvP GOD Roll
Briar’s Contempt PvP GOD Roll

Briar’s Contempt PvE GOD Roll

For PvE, here is the GOD roll for Briar’s Contempt.

Briar’s Contempt PvE GOD Roll
Barrel: Fluted Barrel
Battery: Liquid Coils or Ionized Battery
Perk 1: Reconstruction
Perk 2: Frenzy
Masterwork: Charge Time

Regarding PvE, the best barrel for the weapon is the Fluted Barrel to increase its handling and stability. Liquid Coils can improve your damage per shot for the Battery as it increases impact. On the other hand, Ionized Battery is for long DPS phases, especially for Bosses, due to the additional round for the magazine.

Reconstruction is the best for the third column as it allows your weapon to slowly reload. On the other hand, Frenzy is the best perk for column 2 as it will increase the weapon’s damage, reload, and handling when you are in combat for extended periods. Lastly, Charge Time for the Masterwork to decrease the Charge Time of Briar’s Contempt. With this GOD roll, you can now defeat end-game content with ease.

Briar's Contempt PvE GOD Roll
Briar’s Contempt PvE GOD Roll

Is Briar’s Contempt a Good Weapon?

Briar’s Contempt is a good weapon, even though the Linear Fusion Rifle meta is already gone. It has top-tier perks that can make it the DPS weapon of choice for boss fights and is viable for PvP.

In addition, it is also crafted, which increases the chance of getting a GOD roll. The weapon can become your DPS weapon when Rocket Launchers do not work. Overall, the weapon is an excellent addition to your arsenal.

Is Briar's Contempt a Good Weapon
Is Briar’s Contempt a Good Weapon

Frequently Asked Questions 

FAQ 1: How many times Briar’s Contempt can be farmed?
Answer: Briar’s Contempt can only be obtained by doing the Root of Nightmares Raid, and you can only get it during the first and final encounter. This means you can only farm the weapon two times a week. However, you can make it four if you use Spoils of Conquest at the final chest and get one from a hidden chest in the Raid. A hidden chest only drops Raid loot that you already have.

FAQ 2: How hard is it to get Briar’s Contempt?
Answer: Briar’s Contempt is very hard to get. As we mentioned you can only have the chance of getting the weapon three times a week due to Raid loot limitations. However, if you already have the weapon, there is a chance that it will be in a hidden chest in the Raid. In addition, if you have the blueprint of the weapon, you can get as craft as many as you want as long as you have enough materials.

FAQ 3: How do you increase Briar’s Contempt drop rate?
Answer: To increase the drop rate of the weapon, you must have the weapon itself so it can appear in hidden chests in the Root of Nightmares Raid. Another option is to get Spoils of Conquest and then use them to purchase the weapon from the loot cache at the end of the Raid. Lastly, you can wait for the Root of Nightmares Raid to be the Weekly Featured Raid so you can infinitely farm for the weapon.

That is all for our article on the Legendary Linear Fusion Rifle Briar’s Contempt. We hope this will help you with your questions about this new Solar Linear Fusion Rifle. Linear Fusion Rifles might have fallen down the meta. However, they can still pack a punch, especially if they have powerful and unique perks like Briar’s Contempt. For more such articles visit our site where we post news and the latest updates from the world of gaming.

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